An Open Letter From Him to You

psalm-139-9-10_ipad_originalHi there beautiful! You… yes you! May I speak with you for a while?

Will you hold my hand if I ask you to? Will you sit with me if I invite you? Will you walk with me if I join you?

Whenever I see you, you’re in a rush. It’s as if you are always running out of time. Remember that it wasn’t long ago when we first met? I can still clearly remember how you wept when you first called my name. It was the most beautiful voice at that time. I didn’t pay attention to the number of people who were with you, because all I could see there was you, calling me out. Tears kept falling from your eyes even if I didn’t want to see you cry. I am sure those were tears of shame and regrets, but I am telling you, what I felt was love and joy. I am so proud of you. I want you to remember that. I was so proud of you on that day because that was the first time you have admitted you cannot do everything on your own alone. It was the first time you have admitted that you need me in your life.

As much as I would love to ignore the pain that you have inside of you, I couldn’t. You need to understand that it is not part of my will for you to experience that. I want you to learn from your sufferings; find joy in every trial. I want you to feel weak to become strong. I want you to learn to endure each suffering because with it, you will learn. The process will help you uncover a better you.

I remember how many times I reached out my hand to you even if you haven’t asked me to. I remember the countless times I did but you refused. Those times when you thought you were forgotten but you’re soaked up with loneliness and jealousy you haven’t noticed it was me who comforts you. Those times when you think you’re alone but truth is I was with you all along. You have not seen me when I hugged you that night you were crying your heart. You have not felt my touch when I caressed your hair when you once locked out yourself in your room. When you once thought of ending your life, I was the one who whispered to your ear that there is more to life that you have ever thought of. When that day that you thought no one can ever love you the way your heart deserves, I was the one who was there and loved you dearly more than you ever imagined. Remember how I offered my life to you? That’s how much and great my love is. I will be here when no one else is. I stay when everyone walks away. And I always keep my promises. Never will I say or do anything that will break your heart and lead you wrong.

It satisfies me when I see you smile and happy. But it even pleases me when you have finally gotten the strength to call my name for help. I was so happy… really happy, because at last, you have let me become a part of your daily life. That at long last, you have opened your heart and decided to know me even more… that you have decided to let me into your life. Though it took me quite a while before this happened, I never got tired of you and never will be. Now that we are together, I will never let you go. I will stay with you. I will walk with you. So now, please… take my hand. Take my hand because I want you to feel the warmth I can give you. Take my hand because I don’t want you to fall completely when you stumble. Take my hand because I want to protect you.

Take my hand and let’s slow down a bit. Can we cherish this moment that we have together? I know that what you have in your heart overflows. Your enthusiasm to know me more and understand me and love me and be with me is admirable. And I am truly pleased. Always remember that. I just want us to embrace this moment together. Let’s just walk because every second that you spend with me today, adds hours to the future we will be spending together. Let’s walk hand in hand as you take this journey with me.

Take my hand and breathe. Breathe the air I am breathing. Breathe in everything this journey’s been giving you. I have yet revealed everything that I have reserved for you. I have yet shown you the marvel and greatness of my love. I have yet given you everything that you deserve that surpasses all that you have wished, prayed and imagined.

So take my hand, beautiful soul. Take my hand, breathe and let’s walk together as you and I take this journey to eternity.






While You Wait: About and Beyond

It was so long ago that I started dreaming of becoming a blogger. I have had several attempts but never was I able to maintain a site or write meaningful contents. Probably because I don’t know what I wanted to share. My mind was a mess and so was my life. There was a time I wanted to share my journey with my ex, not knowing back then that we would become apart. Like now. There was also a time I wanted to share my weight loss journey but failed too. And a couple others more which also did not push through.

So what’s the difference now? Why am I here again. Because I know, that there must be a reason why I needed to write. After many years of failing, here I am still, writing and would want to share what is in my mind and in my heart. Even if I am not too confident to write (cos I am not a good story-teller), I believe there is still a room for me here. That whatever I have in me can be beneficial to some.

Failing won’t discourage me at all. Why? Because I already know what I wanted to write. What I am going through right now is the best time for me to share it to all of you. My skill in writing couldn’t be that impressive as with the others but I do hope I will be able to impart something valuable into your life.

Tonight, I am launching this site, While You Wait, to keep you company in this season of waiting. I am certain I understand how you feel right now. Even I used to get frustrated in times of waiting. We hope we both will be able to surpass this season, while glorifying God above.

While You Wait is our journey. This is our journey together while we both wait for the answers we are seeking. This is our journey together in discerning what we should do while in the season of waiting. This is our journey.

So sit back and enjoy the ride. I will take your heart to a world it has yet to explore.